While angel numbers are often perceived to be a very recent thing and are usually associated in the media with the rise of the new age movement. Their origins are in fact much older, and their use can be traced back for centuries.

Throughout most cultures, you can find numbers that hold specific meanings; for example, the number 13 is widely considered bad luck, and you will find buildings without a floor 13 or hospitals with no room number 13. On the other hand, in China, the number 8 is considered extremely lucky and strongly associated with wealth, luck, and prosperity, while the number 4 is unlucky.

Generally speaking, Pythagoras is credited with the invention of angels numbers as he is the father of Numerology, and the two terms are often used interchangeably. Pythagoras believed that the world was created on the power of numbers and that everything could be translated to numerical form. The numbers can then be used to discover the hidden meaning of the world.

Although Pythagoras is attributed with the creation of numerology and therefore, angel numbers. The true process of how he gained the knowledge regarding the power of numbers and then developed the meanings for the numbers is not entirely known. The majority of the things we do know come from texts that are 100’s of years old and were written after Pythagoras’s death.

The Origin of Angel Numbers

If angel numbers are divine numbers that are found within all elements of life and used by celestial beings to convey important messages. Then it could be argued that angel numbers have always been with us from the dawn of the universe.

No one person invented angels number. The angel numbers were discovered or stumbled upon by people with great minds who were open to the possibility that there was more to life than what was currently being touted as the “truth” during their lifetimes.

Some argue that the universe itself can be broken down into a series of mathematical equations and that maths is the one true language from which everything is rooted. When the divine being created the universe based upon the beautiful mathematical language, angel numbers were also created. The foundational basis of everything which we now perceive.

Celestial beings can use these special numbers to communicate messages to those who are open to receiving them through varying number sequences ranging from one digit all the way through to four digits.

The Creation of Numerology

The importance of specific numbers and their underlying meaning is a concept that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Babylon, and other places such as China and Rome.

However, it was the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who really began the process of trying to discover the hidden power within numbers. He believed that the world and potentially the building blocks to all life as we know it could all be reduced to single-digit numbers.

He travelled extensively, searching for scholars and knowledgeable individuals to learn all that he could about the power of numbers. He spent 22 years studying in Egypt to learn Chaldean numerology. Finally, he took everything that he had learnt and began to develop his own numerological theory, the same one that we use to this day.

Pythagoras believed that everything in the world could be assigned a numerical number, which could be reduced down until it is in a single digit form. So he developed a system known as the Pythagorean number system, where alphabetical letters are assigned a number that can be used as a tool to find the base single-digit number. This Pythagorean numerology system is the same one that is still used today to help users on the path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Pythagoras and his group of followers, who were all convinced of the relationships between numbers, intuition, and mysticism, began to assign numbers a non-numerical meaning such as one represents creation, two is feminine, and three is masculine, which meant that five (a combination of two and three) represented marriage.

However, upon Pythagoras’s death around the first century A.D, his work began to fall out of favour and eventually, it was dismissed as unimportant.

When Were Angel Numbers First Used?

Numerology didn’t gain any interest again until the 1800’s when a woman named L. Dow Balliett took up the mantle of Pythagoras’s numerology teachings.

She began to expand upon his work and believed that each number emitted a vibrational frequency that almost had a musicality to it, and this numerical frequency had its own unique colour. Furthermore, she believed that everything in the universe, including the universe itself, gave out its own vibrational frequency.

She went on further to say that you as an individual are operating on your own vibrational frequency, and that to remain in tune with your frequency, you must live and operate in a way that is in harmony with your life path.

Balliett’s work, along with that of other numerologists, never really gained much momentum. Even though they believed the vibrational frequencies could be discovered if they were investigated on a sub-particle level. Many scientists and scholars of the era labeled it pseudo-science, and once again, it lost public interest.

That was until more recently when a woman named Doreen Virtue brought Pythgoras’s work back to the modern conscience. She revitalized the subject matter and coined the term ‘angel numbers.’

Through numerous books, she deciphered the meaning of the different angel numbers and explained them in a relevant way for the modern world. As a result, her work became extremely popular amongst the general population, and soon her books, work and the term angel numbers were common knowledge amongst the masses.

Doreen also expanded upon the work of Balliett, as she also believed that everything operates on a vibrational frequency and that it is this frequency that allows the communication of angelic messages, which can then be deciphered using numbers.

However, years later, Doreen began trying to have her name removed from her large catalogue of work as she moved towards Christianity and has now transferred her knowledge over to the Christian community.

Are Angel Numbers Biblical?

Angel numbers are not considered biblical and are viewed as a form of divination or occult practice which God does not approve of. In fact, Christianity has its own form of Biblical numerology based on numbers found throughout the bible and is not related to numerology as derived from Pythagoras’s work.

Biblical numerology is based on numbers that appear numerous times within the bible, and God uses these numbers to portray a form of symbolic meaning. For example, 40 represents trials and testing and is evidenced throughout the scripture.

  • 40 days and 40 nights it rained on the Earth during the days of Noah (Genesis 7:12)
  • 40 years Israel wandered in the wilderness (Numbers 32:13)
  • 40 days Ezekiel laid on his right side. It symbolized 40 years of Judah’s transgression (Ezekiel 4:4)
  • 40 days and 40 nights Jesus fasted and was tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4:2)

The number is then said to have a symbolic meaning through the common occurrence of a specific number and the same theme each time it occurs.

Those who follow the Christian faith believe that God would not use numbers to try and communicate with you. God’s angels would not speak using numbers and sequences but rather communicate through dreams and visions and not draw attention to themselves.


However, you feel about angel numbers, whether in the biblical sense or the numerological sense. It seems that both are just ways for the divine being or energy from which the universe was created to communicate with us. Both are trying to guide us in a way to lead a better and more fulfilled life. To teach us lessons and protect us from making mistakes.

Both ways are used as a way for us to connect with God or the source, and both ways are similar in that they believe there is something more out there. We are all trying to seek a good life and ask for guidance as we navigate our life paths.

The use of angel numbers, numerology, or biblical numbers are all ways to bring you closer to achieving your life purpose, lead a good life and become a more enlightened human being.