What are angel numbers?

Angel numbers are special sets of numbers sent from your angels to convey a specific celestial message. They are often used to help you find your path in life or for guidance on a specific matter.

Angel numbers are celestial messages sent from your guardian angels in the form of one, two, three or four digit numbers such as 11, 777 or 1234. These messages are usually communicated when we need them most- like when we’re feeling lost on our journey through life or about to make a major decision. Their presence in your life could indicate significant changes or an opportunity for growth are presenting themselves within your life.

The best way to receive these messages is by keeping yourself open and receptive because it will be easier for the message to come through if you aren’t trying too hard. In addition, you are most likely to see angels numbers in everyday life such as phone numbers, car license plates, receipts, etc.

How Do Angel Numbers Work?

The angel number sequences that you often see are derived from Pythagorean Numerology Theory. Pythagoras believed that there was a divine connection between numbers and the universe. Therefore, when angels want to communicate with humans, they use the best angel number to convey the celestial message they want you to know. You can then decode the message by learning the meaning of the number and using the message it conveys to help guide you.

You can read this article here if you want a more in-depth look at the origin of angel numbers.

Why Use Angel Numbers?

Most people use angel numbers to find their path in life or to guide them in some way. They’re a form of encouragement and can help you get through tough situations by showing you what is possible if you keep going forward.

By interpreting the angel number’s meaning, you can better understand what’s going on around you and why it is happening. It can help confirm your intuition and motivate you to pursue different opportunities that may arise. The angel numbers are being shown to you so that you can process their meaning and use the information to lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.

When angel numbers do appear in your life, it’s important to pay attention no matter how small or insignificant they may seem at first glance. When seeing an angel number, it might be useful to ask yourself these two questions:

– what do I feel the angel number wants me to know?

– how can I apply it to my life?

When angel numbers come into your life, enjoy the moment! Angels are benevolent beings who will never steer you wrong, so relax and enjoy the angel number. Just be aware that angel number meanings are subject to interpretation, and you should use the meaning of the message within the context of what’s happening in your life.

There’s always a deeper meaning behind the angel number that you are seeing, and the messages are sent to awakening something within you. Angel numbers aren’t random or meaningless, and yours has been sent for a specific purpose.

Where to Look For Angel Numbers

Where to find angel numbers

Angel numbers can appear anywhere and everywhere, but they’re most likely to appear in places where you feel a deep emotional connection or is somewhere that you feel relaxed enough that your mind is open to receiving the message the angels wish to communicate.

They can often show up in dreams, coincidences and synchronicity too. For example, you may repeatedly see a specific number on a grocery receipt, then the time on the clock is the same number as that on the receipt, followed by opening up a book at that page number.

When you keep seeing an angel number, it is a good idea to record the angel numbers in your journal, don’t forget to write down the date and time that you saw them to keep track of where things might be going in the future. Also, write about what feelings arose for you when the angels revealed their message and how angel number sequences have affected your day (for better or worse).

You can then use this information to discover any common themes that keep arising for you and gather more information on the meaning of the angel number so you can bring all of this knowledge into effect in your life.

Why Do Angels Use Numbers to Speak to Us?

Angels communicate with us because they love us and they care about our spiritual growth. One way that angelic beings know how to help guide or protect us is by giving us angel numbers.

The benefits of angel numbers are many:

– angel numbers attract your awareness so that you’re receptive and open to guidance

– angel numbers provide confirmation that angelic beings are with you and watching over you

– angel numbers warn, advise, encourage or comfort.

Angels use numbers and other synchronicities to communicate with us because we operate on two different vibrational levels. Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency to ourselves and our material world.

As humans, our minds are also quite closed off and find it much easier to interpret information that is in a form we can mentally process. Angels are aware of this, so they use a variety of different methods to communicate with us, such as dreams, symbols and numbers, and present than in a way that we can gather the most information from them.

Many numerology experts believe that numbers operate on a higher vibrational level than our own realm, and are in fact, vibrating at a much closer frequency to that of the divine realm. This difference in vibrational frequency facilitates the communication between ourselves and the source.

What It Means When You Stop Seeing Angel Numbers?

The meaning of angel numbers

If you stop seeing angel numbers, angelic beings are telling you that you’re ready to begin working with your own intuition. This is a very positive sign!

This can be a sign that you don’t need them at this moment in your life or that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the angel number that has been shown to you, and you are in the phase of putting the meaning of the angel number into action.

You can now use the angel numbers shown to you for inspiration and motivation instead of needing them for guidance and support. You’re on a journey of learning to trust your own guidance system, so the universe is taking a back seat and gently nudging you to take control. So use angel numbers as needed, but allow yourself to follow your intuition when making important decisions. Remember that angels love unconditionally, so they will still be there to support you even when angel numbers stop appearing.

How to strengthen your connection to the angels

Connect with angels through meditation

The best way to strengthen angel communication is through meditation and by being open-minded to new experiences.

Angelic beings can communicate with you more easily when you meditate because your thoughts are less likely to be distracted. When angel numbers do appear during your daily life, write them down in your angel number journal. If angel numbers do not appear during meditation or throughout the day, simply do what feels right and trust your intuition.

The angels may not be communicating with you right now because they feel that you are on the right path and are making the best decisions for your life without their guidance at this moment.

What are angel numbers?


Angel numbers are a sign from your angels that they’re always with you. They love you unconditionally and want to help guide you on the path of light.

When these messages come to you, they remind you that everything will be ok. The angels are watching over you and will send you guidance when you need it so that you will always stay true to your life’s purpose and be guided away from making any life-altering mistakes that are not in alignment with your life path.

It’s a miracle how angels can bring light into our lives with such simple wordless acts of kindness. When you do find yourself repeatedly seeing an angel number, note them down in a journal to see if any recurring themes keep arising for you.