If you have read around this subject matter for a while, you may have come across the numerous ways in which angels can communicate celestial messages to us. Most of the time, these messages are to offer love, support and positive encouragement. But, we tend to be less aware that the angels also send us warning messages to protect us from mistakes and negative situations.

Angels will send warning signs to protect you from dangerous situations, poor decisions or wandering away from your true purpose. The angels only wish for you to lead a happy and wonderful life, so they use angel warning signs as a way to guide you towards making the best choices to achieve your goals.

If any of the following seven angel warning signs keep recurring in your life, the angels ask that you pay close attention to what is happening around you and follow what your instincts are telling you.

Dreams and Premonitions

Angel warning signs can be communicated in dreams.
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When we are asleep, our subconscious is much more open to the universe. The barrier which can sometimes block us from receiving messages is also at its weakest point when we are asleep. The angels will use this time to try and communicate more complex celestial messages through dreams and premonitions.

The medium that the angels are using allows them to use detailed imagery and symbols. This means that when you experience a dream that your gut instinct is telling you to pay attention to, it may require some deeper analysis to receive the message the angels are trying to convey fully.

We can also experience moments when we drift off into our own thoughts while still awake and play scenarios out in our minds. These moments of daydreaming are also important to pay attention to. Although they may not offer the full scope dreaming at night can provide, they will communicate key symbolic meanings and give you an overall gut feeling about a situation or person.

We are all capable of being highly intuitive beings. It’s just that our minds or our senses get bombarded daily and are quickly overloaded with information and sensory experiences from everyday life. Dreaming is a moment when your mind is at its quietest. The angels will use this time to communicate any important information to you.

Keeping a dream journal is a good idea so you can notice if any recurring themes or messages seem to be cropping up for you, and you can take action on this information.

Warnings from Others

When the angels really need to grab your attention and get a message across to you, they will use other people to pass on the message.

We don’t always pay attention to the things going on around us, and if our lives are quite hectic, it’s easy to brush something off as weird or a coincidence. For example, if you have a weird dream that you’re driving to work and an accident occurs, you may dismiss it as a bad dream and go about your day. If your best friend rings you and says they dreamt you were involved in an accident on the way to work and they’re really worried. They may convince you to take a different route.

You will pay far more attention to something another person is warning you about than something you have dreamt of or just have a strange feeling about.

Nothing is Going to Plan

Things don't always go to plan
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Have you ever experienced those days when everything feels like it’s going wrong? For example, you can’t find your car keys, or the train is running late.

Angels often use delay tactics to slow you down, either to avoid a situation that would occur if you were on time or so that you can use that experience to learn a lesson.

As frustrating as these situations can be, allow yourself to examine the situation and ask yourself what message could the angels be trying to get across. Perhaps being late to work gets you in trouble with the boss, and it’s the final straw. You realise how much you hate that job anyway and start looking for another job.

Try also not to let these moments influence your mood or the rest of your day. The angels were working to help you avoid a certain situation or to emphasise a point. Once you become aware and acknowledge this, everything should return to normal.

Disembodied Voices

It is common to hear a voice inside your head that questions yourself and any decisions you are about to make. You may be about to invest a lot of money in setting up a business, and a voice in your head tells you to stop.

Hearing this type of voice is a warning to stop and pay attention. You need to examine the situation or choices you are about to make closely. Make sure you are going into the relationship, job, experience with your eyes open.

However, a loud booming voice shouting your name or a warning of danger is something you need to pay attention to immediately. Hearing this type of voice is not usually associated with a gentle warning to examine something more closely. But rather a stark warning that something bad is about to happen, and you need to be fully aware at that moment in time.

Another type of voice that is heard often is that of a deceased loved one. Sometimes they are coming to pass on a specific message. Other times it is just to let you know that you are loved and not alone.

Just remember that any time you hear a voice of warning or of a loved one that has passed away, it is not meant to scare you or cause fear. You are hearing the voice because there are those beyond this realm that wish to protect you and keep you from danger. The voices are their way to keep you safe and let you know how loved you are.

Gut Instinct

Listen to your gut instinct when it guides you in a different direction.
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We’ve all experienced that strange feeling you can get in the pit of your stomach; it’s a widespread phenomenon amongst humans. That sudden uneasy feeling or giddy excited butterflies when you think about a specific person, situation or place.

Whenever you experience this feeling, take note. The angels are sending you this feeling for a reason. It is to help guide you in how to proceed next. So if being around a certain person always gives you that uneasy feeling, it is for a good reason.

You experience those feelings in your gut because this is where your solar plexus is positioned within your body. Your solar plexus is the energy centre most connected to the universe. This allows it to act as a gateway and receive messages from your angels or loved ones who have passed over.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your gut tells you something, and it feels like it’s come from nowhere, pay attention. It is probably your angels trying to let you know something important is about to happen that will have a big impact on your life.

Bad Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are used as a way for the angels to communicate with you and pass across specific messages about what is currently going on in your life.

If you find yourself spotting the same number everywhere you look, for example, the time is 12:12 pm, the groceries came to 12.12, or you paused a video at 12:12. This is a sign from your angels, and they want you to know something of importance.

The angels are always looking out for your best interests and send messages from a place of love. This means that there will be times in your life that the angels will try to communicate a warning message to you. For example, perhaps you are veering from your life path or giving up on your dreams. The angels will use specific numbers to try and warn or guide you back onto a path the will lead to your happiness.

For a more detailed look at which angel numbers can be used as an angel warning sign, check out this post here on negative angel numbers

Sudden Illness

Angels will use many different tactics to keep you safe and happy. So if you find that you suddenly come down with an illness or the feeling of nausea suddenly washes over you, take heed.

This could be the angels trying to convey an urgent message that steers you away from the current situation and forces you to change your plans or return home.

There have been numerous reports of people quickly feeling sick or coming down with an illness that stopped them from boarding a flight or taking a car trip, that if they had stayed on that course, would have resulted in serious injury or loss of life from them.


Listen to your gut. Listen to your friends and family. Listen to your body and intuition.

The angels will use any means they can to protect you from danger or potentially bad decisions that could affect the course of your life.

Remember, the angel warning signs are not sent to scare you; the angels use them to support and guide you. If you experience one of these warning signs, take a moment to reflect on what you are currently doing and how the angels could try to keep you safe and happy at that moment.