Have you ever noticed white feathers seem to be appearing everywhere you look? Or perhaps every time you turn on the radio, the same song is being played. It may be that there’s more to these unusual or repetitive signs. They could actually be subtle messages from the angels.

Angels are divine beings who want to help and guide you on your life journey. Their messages are sent to offer wisdom, healing and protection.

They send subtle signs to help guide you to a place of happiness and peace, where your life feels fulfilled. They will also send messages to you during difficult times in your life to offer you guidance and support. At times angel signs may act as warnings to protect you from veering from your life’s purpose or reminding you to follow your gut instinct more when making important choices.

However, angel signs can be easily missed as we may not always recognise these signs straight away or know how to interpret them. So in this handy guide, we’ll examine some of the signs that angels use to communicate with you and how to make sense of them within your life and current circumstances.

Why am I Seeing Angel Signs?

  • Angel signs can appear when you are going through a difficult period in your life, and you are trying to recover from trauma or are in the process the grieving. When they appear during this time it is usually to offer you unconditional love and protection, and may be a indication that now is the time to begin the healing process of these emotional wounds.
  • They can appear when you are pursuing a direction in your life that is part of your live’s purpose, and the angels want to reinforce that you are moving in a postive direction for you life.
  • Angel signs can appear when you are going through a spiritual awakening and you are beginning to align with your true purpose. Whether you are on the start of your spiritual journey, or have been in the process of self-discovery for some time. The angels may send you signs that you are now functioning on a higher vibrational level, and are more in tune with the universe.
  • Sometimes they can appear when you are feeling vulnerable, or alone. These signs are to remind you that you are not alone and will always be supported by the love of the angels.

The most important thing to remember is that the angel’s love for you is unconditional, and when they appear, it is to support and guide you and remind you that you are valued, and perhaps you may need to be gentle with yourself.

1. Dreams or Premonitions

One of the easiest ways for angels to communicate with us is when we are asleep. This is because the natural filter that we acquire as adults, which block out messages from the spiritual world, is at its most weakened state when we are asleep, and your subconscious is open to receive messages from the angels. Angels use this time to communicate personalised and complex messages to you. These types of messages may require some deeper analysis to fully appreciate the message that is being passed on to you.

Things to be aware of are recurring dreams, themes or images in your dreams. It can sometimes be good to keep a dream journal to keep notes and see if any messages are being communicated to you.

You may also experience recurring daydreams that feel very real. These are also used to communicate with you, but they tend to be conveying more of a feeling or instinct and are used to act either as a warning or as a reminder to you of what your goals and direction are in life.

2. Finding a White Feather

White feathers have a strong association with angels. If you begin to find white feathers in unusual places, such as in your handbag, its sudden presence is to let you know that an angel is by your side. White feathers represent protection, love and reassurance that you are not alone. You can get through this. The feather may not always be physical, so keep your eyes open for white feather symbols on clothing, advertisements or any other places where the symbolic meaning of the feather can be communicated to you.

White feathers appear to let you know that an angel is with you and that you can get through whatever difficult moment you are currently experiencing. So, if you find yourself going through a challenging time and white feathers begin to appear, it might be a good idea to collect the feathers. That way, whenever you a feeling low or alone, you can take them out to remind you that an angel is nearby offering you love and support.

3. Angel Numbers or Repeating Number Patterns

One of the most common ways to spot angel signs is through recurring numbers and patterns. In your daily life, these numbers may keep cropping up as the angels are trying to get your attention.

Each number contains its own unique meaning, and the angels use these numbers to convey celestial messages to you. If the numbers are repeated, for example, 777, this amplifies the power of this message and how important it is to you right now in your life.

Meaning of the angel numbers 0 – 9 as an infographic

4. Robins

Angels have a natural affinity with nature, and it is one of the key ways they like to communicate with us. They like to convey messages to us via animals as animals are uniquely connected with the energy of the angels. If you suddenly notice that the same bird appears in the garden every time you go outside, or you keep spotting them when you are walking the dog. It could be an angel sign letting you know that someone is watching over you and protecting you.

5. Butterflies

As previously mentioned, angels have a strong connection with the natural world. If you see large groups of butterflies, or a butterfly seems attracted to you – perhaps even landing on you, this is a sign from the angels or a loved one who has passed that they are with you at that moment.

Butterflies are symbols to let you know that everything is okay. Your loved one is doing ok on the other side, or the place you find yourself in life at this moment is a place to take some time out and focus on yourself. Perhaps a little self-care is required, or you should put more focus on yourself right now instead of others. Butterflies are a message that angels are watching over you and protecting you.

6. Babies and Animals

Babies, younger children and animals have a much closer connection to the spiritual world than adults. The filters that adults have made it harder to see angels, is not fully in place with children or animals. If you notice that your child or pet is staring off in one direction for a prolonged period of time, but nobody is there, it could be that they can see an angel.

If your child or pet is in the presence of an angel, they will not feel scared or look afraid. Instead, the energy from the angel will make them feel calm, happy or even excited. The angel is visiting to check in with you and to offer you love and protection. They are here to let you know they are with you always, guiding you on your life journey.

7. The Feeling You Are Not Alone

There may be times when you feel an invisible presence around you. For example, you may feel like someone is sitting next to you even when nobody is there with you in the room. There may also be times when you feel a gentle brush along your skin or perhaps the feeling that if you turn around at that very moment, there will be someone stood behind you.

These are signs from the angels of unconditional love, and they are letting you know that you are never truly alone. They will always be with you, offering you safety and protection.

8. Rainbows

If you suddenly begin to see more rainbows or a rainbow appears on a day when the weather wouldn’t normally create a rainbow, this may be a nature-based angel sign. Angels show us rainbows to remind us that we are not alone. It is offered as a symbol of hope and encouragement from the angels.

If you are in a phase of your life where you are considering different options or directions, the rainbow is a sign of encouragement from your angels. If you are going through a difficult time in your life, or you are feeling alone, the rainbow is a sign of hope and perseverance. You are almost coming out of the other side. It is a reminder that you are surrounded by unconditional love and support as you navigate through this moment in your life.

9. Ringing in Your Ears

Angels do not speak in the same language as us, so when they try to speak to you, you may notice a ringing sound in your ears. When this occurs, try to pay attention to what you were thinking at that moment or what is going on around you, as the angels may have spoken to you to let you know that this particular moment or thought is of importance for you.

It is important to note here that if you keep hearing ringing in your ears on a regular basis, it is important to get it checked out by a medical professional as the sound could be due to an underlying medical condition.

10. Recurring Songs on The Radio

If angels are trying to get a particular message across to us, they can use the recurrence of a particular song on the radio or TV. If you find you keep hearing the same song all the time, this is a sign from the angels. The song may be one that you associate with a particular person, and they are using it to show that they are with you and sending their love.

If the song is not a song of importance in your life, take the time to analyse the song’s meaning and what the lyrics are trying to convey. The angels have used this song to get a specific celestial message across to you. For example, it may hold the answer to a problem that has been bothering you or letting you know that you are on the right path. Sometimes you may not hear the song, but find the lyrics are on repeat in your head. It’s a good idea to pay attention to those moments, too, as this is another way angels can use to communicate very specific messages to you.

11. Flashes of Light

Sometimes angels can appear to you in the form of light. Have you ever noticed a shimmer of light out of the corner of your eye, a glint of something on the ground that you can’t see what caused it, orbs on photographs or finding yourself surrounded by shafts of light?

These flashes of light are sometimes considered to be the presence of an angel. It has also been suggested that the color of the light can be an indication of the celestial message that the angel is trying to communicate with you. For example, a green hue would suggest that you are really in your stride at this moment in time and should use the power within yourself to achieve your goals. Purple indicates a time for rest and self-care, a moment to re-gather yourself. Orange can indicate a period of good luck and positivity is coming your way, and white suggests that you are truly embracing your higher self at that moment and are in tune with the universe.

12. Coincidences or Enhanced Intuition.

Have you ever experienced a moment where everything seems to come together? Or do you have a sudden feeling about something that pays off in the end? These can also be angel signs.

You may experience the feeling from nowhere that you need to contact an old friend, and that old friend happens to know someone hiring for your dream job. Or your gut instinct is feeling uneasy about walking a certain route, so you decide to go a different way, only to find later on that an accident occurred on the route you would normally have taken.

This can happen because an angel is near. Their presence enhances your ability to connect with your spiritual side and become aligned with the universe to receive the messages they are sending to you. You can pick up on these strong urges and act upon them in a way that enhances, protects and benefits your life.

Can Angel Signs Be A Warning?

Angels can send signs to let you know that you are on the right path or to offer support and guidance. They can also send signs to warn you that you need to pay closer attention to what is happening around you. These types of signs can be an indication that you are about to make a decision that could veer you away from your life’s purpose. The angels want to protect you and keep you away from harm, so when a life-threatening situation occurs, or you are about to make a terrible decision, your angels will send you signs to nudge you back in the right direction.

If you come across any signs that seem to steer you in a different direction from your current plans, take heed and don’t ignore the warning signs. The angels are trying to keep you from harm, and your safety is their top priority.

How To Embrace These Signs

When you experience a sign from an angel, you should allow yourself to remain open to this experience so that you can receive everything that the angel is trying to communicate to you.

It is important to note that the true meanings of the signs the angels are sending are very personal to you, and you are the best person to interpret what they mean in your life at this present moment. If you are undecided between two life choices and begin to receive signs heavily leaning towards one pathway, you will be the key person to understand what that particular message is trying to communicate to you.

Angel messages are sent to help you create the life you’ve always dreamt about, protect and support you when you are feeling low, lost or vulnerable, and remind you that you are surrounded by unconditional love. You are the true expert and interpreter of the meanings of these signs in relation to your life.